developers accused of plagiarizing FromSoftware

The Elden Ring is considered by many to be one of the greatest souls of all time — so it’s only natural that it inspires a lot of productions out there. However, Archangel Studios seems to have gone a step further by using GOTY 2022 animations in their game, Bleak Faith Forsaken. But the company has an explanation for what happened.

To embed context, Meowmaritus, developer of mods for Dark Souls, posted a video on Twitter last Sunday (12) and showed some details about the games animations that look very similar. Checkout:

I saw this clip there. Bleak Faith Forspoken definitely uses animations copied directly from Elden Ring.

I do NOT allow people who use my DS Anim Studio software to help export animations to be included in commercial products or sold on the Epic Games Store.

In a statement (via Push Square ), the studio said 10% of the game was created using assets from Epic’s marketplace – where those Elden Ring animations would be released. A spokesperson said:

As a studio of three, [o marketplace da Epic] was a vital resource to draw upon throughout the four-year development. The features in question were purchased from Epic Marketplace in good faith and with the understanding that they have undergone appropriate checks and reviews before being listed for purchase.

Regarding Elden Ring assets being sold on the marketplace, Epic states that “as with any store that hosts third-party content, however, Epic cannot independently verify such rights and provide such assurance to purchasers of the content.”

(SOURCE: reproduction)

After the publisher’s statement, the assets were removed from the store, and the developers of Bleak Faith Forsaken, not too happy with the response, pledged to change all of the game’s animations.

[A resposta da Epic] is not satisfactory to us and therefore we have taken the decision to replace the store bought assets in the coming days. Some changes we’ve included in recent patches and more to come in the next few days. This was definitely a big lesson for us. […] The assets in these showcases obviously cannot be bought in good faith.

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