Death Stranding 2: Elle Fanning’s role was written especially for her

Hideo Kojima explains that the actress will play a character “unlike any other”

Known for producing games in a very creative and unusual way, Hideo Kojima recently revealed that Actress Elle Fanning’s role in Death Stranding 2 was written especially for her. According to the director, if the professional had not accepted his invitation to participate in the game, a large part of it would have to be rewritten.

The information was shared on the Brain Structure podcast, which Kojima co-hosts with Geoff Keighley, creator of The Game Awards. Kojima explained that he always wanted to use “Elle’s talents and charm create a character unlike any otherand that it was in his mind in creating the script of the game.

During the podcast, the Death Strading 2 director states that he cannot share many details about the actress’ character at this time. However, he guarantees it worked with her using “new technology” to add new features which were not necessarily present in the original script.

The game would be very different without the actress

Kojima also explained this she was very worried in case Elle Fanning did not accept the role that was offered to her. “She’s a very, very important character, and yes, I created the character with Elle in mind. So I was worried in case she was saying no“. He adds stating that he would have to throw away several scenes from the play if he could not participate in the project.

So far, the director continues to keep quite a few secrets about Death Stranding 2, although he has already talked a lot about it in interviews. Previously, Kojima confirmed this had to rewrite the entire game script after the COVID-19 pandemicas it was not possible to ignore the fact that the players went through this traumatic experience in the world.

As with his previous projects, the director has to keep many elements of the game under wraps until it hits stores — in the meantime, we have to prepare to deal with a lot of mysterious trailers and teasers. While the game’s release date has yet to be officially set, Rumors suggest it may debut sometime in 2024.

Rumors Suggest Death Stranding 2 Release Date Checkout

Rumors Suggest Death Stranding 2 Release Date Checkout
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