March 30, 2023

Claudia Vieira. From the bruise of ‘Vale Tudo’ to the return of ‘Morangos’

eatIt was in conversation with journalists that Cláudia Vieira showed the bruises she got after yet another participation in “Vale Tudo”, a program that occupies the Sunday evenings of SIC.

There’s no way you can’t come with a brand. I was all proud because the first time I went I didn’t fall. And then I came home and thought, here’s a black woman too… Let’s balance, even do the plan lying down – which everyone thinks is more peaceful, but we want to get to the places, do the actions… . -, we are still in contact with the ground,” he explained.

Speaking about the slanted script, one of the big challenges, the actress and presenter said:This has more product to glide on“.

“Besides being quite tilted, there’s something there. Because they let us try it on before we go live, and then when we go in we can’t walk. So, there’s something there,” he added, always with a teary smile on his face. face.

Cláudia Vieira was part of the cast of the second season of the youth series “Morangos com Açúcar”, on TVI, where she was a romantic couple with Pedro Teixeira, with whom she later had a romantic relationship. Together they had a daughter, Maria, who turns 13 this year.

“Morangos com Açúcar” will always be, for sure, a very special project for me, and for the Portuguese in general.“, he said in reaction to the return of the TVI series.

Cláudia Vieira said it too Daughter Maria even watched the series on Panda Biggs, including the season in which the father and mother were the main characters. “Is special. I think it’s a product that kids – and not just kids, a lot of people saw it – identify with. It’s strange because Maria grabbed it and really liked it. It’s like watching a soap opera that’s a bit more for kids,” the actress added.

Remember that it was in 2014 that Cláudia Vieira and Pedro Teixeira announced the end of their nine-year relationship. The actress is now in a relationship with João Alves, with whom she shares her daughter Caetana, who was born in December 2019. Pedro Teixeira is in a relationship with Sara Matos, with whom she shares little Manuel, who closed a year this year.

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