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Spring is getting closer and closer and brings with it the desire to go for a walk, but there is still a little time left for Summer Holidays with hot and long days. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it holidays and weekends for a getaway to get to know Portugal better or to return to places that stayed in your heart. If this sounds good to you, put it in your calendar. these 5 Portuguese cities you can discover in a few days.

Aveiro: the Portuguese Venice, for sure

When we talk about the beautiful city ​​of Aveirothe international baptism automatically given to his mind: the Venice, Portugal. It is true that the moliceiros that stroll along the Ria de Aveiro give a special charm to the city.

But, apart from a river walk, there is much more to discover in this area, namely the culinary temptations that will not leave any good eater indifferent. From a Bairrada suckling pig or a scallop and eel stew, here you will find a variety of exquisite tastes.

To end in beauty, you can’t help but taste it typical sweets from Aveiro: irresistible soft eggs or Aveiro entrails promise to make a difference to your taste. Take advantage of the remaining time to discover the features of the city and don’t forget to capture every moment.

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Lamego and the (almost) infinite staircase

ONE city ​​of Lamego it is known for its military and religious importance and for its location on its banks Golden River. In this beautiful city, as the story goes, D. Afonso Henriques was proclaimed king of Portugal and the “rules of succession to the throne” were established.

A modernized city, with good access, it is a great place to discover on a getaway. THE Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary of Themes welcomes you to the city with a 686-step staircase that will transport the bravest of the inner city to the sanctuary. A historical monument, with a facade with Baroque and Rococo features, it is a religious symbol of great importance, with a stunning view of the city.

After a ride like this, your stomach will definitely start to churn for hours, but that’s also not an aspect you should worry about because all over the city you’ll find restaurants with typical dishes and delicious. Try meat dishes like the Roasted Cabrito that will make you want to eat and cry for more.

After a walk along the boulevard, take the opportunity to try it Ball Lamego, a delicacy traditionally made from meat but which can be “customized” almost to taste. You have choices of cheese and ham, ham, sausage and even tuna! Apart from Bola, don’t leave for later the chance to taste the famous ones Teixeira cookie whose “secret” recipe is passed down from generation to generation.

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Tavira: a paradise on Earth

It is located in a natural area of ​​unique beauty, the city ​​of Tavira it’s the perfect place for anyone looking to take a weekend getaway to relax. Except that he can absorb all the calmness and magic of his nature Ria Formosa Natural Parkyou can also take the opportunity to discover its famous almost deserted beaches Tavira Island.

We are well aware that the weather is still not suitable for swimming, but the truth is that a visit to the beach is good at any time of the year. In addition, you can take the opportunity to relax away from the crowds of tourists that arrive there in the high season in the Algarve and take the opportunity to meet them the daily life of fishermen Of the area. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to taste a freshly caught fish.

With your energies recharged, nothing better than giving a walk along Rua Formosa to observe the inhabitants and the flamingos. You will also find many restaurants where you can enjoy fish dishes that will surprise you.

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Nazaré: the “home” of surfers

It’s almost impossible to talk about Nazaré without thinking about the beach, especially if you’re a fan of it sea ​​sports like surfing, especially since Garret McNamara entered the Guinness Book of Records after riding a wave over 23 meters high.

Enjoy one weekend getaway to improve your surfing skills and who knows, maybe become the next record holder. If the giant waves not your cup of tea, so take advantage of the weekend to discover the fishing village and walk its streets Fisherman’s Quarter.

Here you can expect to see traditions lost in other areas such as children playing in the street, the wands of the seven skirts and apron and even fishermen dressed in checks with their caps over their shoulders. Let yourself be carried away by the charm and color of this city and take the opportunity to break the routine and eat good grilled fish.

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Estremoz: the “white city” of Alentejo

Estremoz is considered the “white city” of Alentejo, either because of the complex of white houses visible from afar and spread across the hill, protected by old stone walls reminiscent of other times, or because of the white marble known as “Mármore de Estremoz”.

The Torre de Menagem is also a focal point in this area. In addition to this imposing welcome, this city brings tranquility to those who visit it, perhaps because of the rows of olive groves and symmetrically arranged vineyards that resemble a sheet of lines.

With a very rich cultural and archaeological heritage, this city was home to several kings and queens of Portugal. For this very reason, it is worth taking a weekend getaway to discover the various monuments such as the castle and the churches and get to know a little more about what happened in History.

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