Chris Rock has been obsessed with Jada Pinkett Smith for 30 years, source says

Chris Rock offers his take on the 2022 Oscars incident.

Chris Rock he finally talks about his incident oscar of 2022. In the new Netflix comedy, the South Carolina native can’t help but remember last year’s Oscars, where he was promptly slapped by Will Smith after making a joke about his head Jada Pinkett Smith. The “Gemini Man” actor faced serious consequences as a result of his violent outburst, though he seems to be back in the public’s good graces of late.

Chris Rock, however, is receiving mixed reviews for some of the comments she made during her new stand-up show. His saying about Meghan Markle calling the Royal Family “racist” as if she didn’t know they practically invented racism, earned backlash for “black women bashing,” not to mention the things she had to say about Pinkett Smith and her husband. “Years ago, his wife said I should give up the Oscars. I didn’t have to introduce because her husband was not nominated for the awards. And then he slaps me,” he joked at one point.

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Elsewhere in the long-running Netflix project, Rock claims that Pinkett Smith is indeed responsible for starting the controversy. “I made a few jokes with her. Who cares? It’s like this: she starts, I finish,” he told the crowd in Baltimore. “That the hell happened. Nobody messes with this bitch. She started this bullshit. No one messed with her.” While Rocky got a chance to tell his side of the story, insiders spoke to PEOPLE about what the Red Table Talk host is thinking.

“He never asked Chris not to host the Oscars. He said publicly in a Facebook post at the time that Chris would make a great Oscars host and that he’s perfect for the job.” Additionally, sources expressed surprise at how many times Rock has described Pinkett Smith using the word “bitch.” However, instead of dealing with the online drama, the artist is “focusing on her book that will be released this year.”

Obviously, the goal Chris Rock in Pinkett Smith is nothing new. “[Ele] he is obsessed with her and this has been going on for almost 30 years,” the informants say. “See where he chose to film his Netflix special. Your hometown. Obsessed. Jada had no role in this beyond questioning. They also add that “2016 helped start a movement with the Oscars questioning why there are so few black members and did Chris take it seriously?”.

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