Chelsea pay 120 million to Benfica and Enzo has already informed that he wants to go to London

The English club is back on board and, according to O JOGO, has already expressed its intention to pay the required 120 million euros. Rui Costa does not give up receiving the amount set in the termination clause and even considers it necessary for the player to remain with the club until the end of the season, but the ball is once again on the other side.

The final hours of the transfer window, which closes on Tuesday, promise to be hectic for Luz, mainly due to, again, Chelsea’s interest in Enzo Fernandez. Those in charge of the English club have refocused their attention on the world champion midfielder and, according to O JOGO, have already informed their Red counterparts of their intention to fork out €120m from their wallets to take the player to London. expressed his intention to pack his bags.

This final attack by the Blues, which was also covered by various English and Argentinian press yesterday, shows the completion of the failed deal in the middle of this month, when Enzo Fernández was at the center of the news hurricane. Chelsea had promised Benfica to pay the aforementioned €120m, an amount set as a release clause in the player’s contract, but when the truth came, the offer was dropped to around €80m, with players included to fill the missing value.

With the midfielder also pushing for the exit, the Eagles chairman kicked the approach to a corner and left a clear warning which as we have seen remains in effect. Rui Costa has guaranteed, through manager Jorge Mendes – the Englishman’s mediator in this process and who continues to be – that Benfica wants to keep Enzo in their ranks and therefore admits that they only meet the termination clause if the amount of 120 million euros enters the benfiquista account.

Meanwhile, manager Roger Schmidt has already publicly stated his confidence in the 22-year-old midfielder’s permanence until the end of the season, counting on SAD’s resistance to Chelsea’s advances, but the final hours will be a real test of that wall. intransigence incarnate. Accomplishing, this time, what they have failed to do before, Chelsea will leave Benfica in the lurch, mainly because the player, even having been surprised by the blues’ negative performance previously, does not want to miss this train to the attractive Premier. Link. As far as we can tell, Enzo has already expressed his desire to move to Chelsea and the Londoners expect the deal to be completed before the signings close.

It should be noted that the millionaire and owner of Chelsea, the American Todd Bohly, is putting all his bets on strengthening the team coached by Graham Potter, who succeeded Thomas Tuchel. This month alone, between reinforcements for the immediate term and some for next season, seven players have already been signed, with a worldwide cost exceeding… 246 million euros.

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