Champions: with three Portuguese starters, PSG crash out of the Champions League in Munich

We could start this text by writing that Bayern Munich extinguished the stars of Paris Saint-Germain. The truth, however, is that the stars of the French team never shone in the visit to Germany.

After the 1-0 defeat at the Parc des Princes, Christophe Galtier needed Messi and Mbappé to take the center stage, but only the latter, albeit sparsely, appeared at the Munich Arena.

Danilo, Nuno Mendes and Vitinia were the mainstays of the French formation, which is once again an outline of what it has the potential to be, but is slow to fulfill: a great team instead of a group of great players.

At the top of the tie, the Bavarians made use of traditional German pragmatism. Above all the balances. The team play that so distinguished them from the opposition and allowed them to be better in both games and never have the tie in jeopardy.

Julian Nagelsmann’s set isolated PSG’s areas and especially its main reports. Whenever he tried to receive with space, Messi fell to someone. Almost always (still) out of danger zones, but also when he was there, like in the 26th minute when he failed to beat Sommer after so much persistence.

In the 38th minute, Bithynia had an equalizer at their feet, but De Ligt saved the goal with a cross over the goal line. Then, through Sommer’s near-fatal error, one idea became apparent: the tie was in Bayern’s hands, for better or for worse for the Germans.

In goal for Paris, Donnarumma also had moments of brilliance, such as when he had to make himself deny Musiala a goal.

The first half ended with two pieces of bad news for the French: Marcinio was injured and had to go off, and Mukiele, who replaced him in the 36th minute, did not return for the second half, which was almost entirely Bavarian.

Muller saw his colleague Choupo-Moting (perhaps) deny him a goal and soon after it was Muller who, due to an offside position, prevented the Cameroonian from celebrating, but even this series of unfortunate events for the home side did not stop the Parisian . stars.

In the 61st minute, Tsoupo-Moting finally opened the scoring. Verratti lost the ball in the penalty area and Gorecka served the striker into the area to make it 1-0.

Almost always more passionate than organised, PSG looked to be reborn in the tie. The very veteran Sergio Ramos, who used to watch or perform genuine miracles when dressed in white, appeared twice, both with headers and after set-pieces and when there seemed to be little space Upamecano, De Ligt or Alphonso Davies, also dominant defensively. , they shut it down.

Joao Cancelo entered the game in the 86th minute, replacing the extremely capable Thomas Muller (decisive in the 1-0 pressure) and in the 89th minute he set up Gnabry, who jumped into the game at the same time as the Portuguese, for the goal that removed any doubt that could still survive the draw and again postponed the dream of a line of stars that needs time to become a real team.


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