Cebolinha scores a great goal but Vítor Pereira misses a classic with Flu

Life is still complicated for Vitor Pereira in Rio de Janeiro where, last night, Flamengo lost the final of the Guanabara Cup, corresponding to the first round of the Campeonato Carioca, allowing an upset in the classic against Fluminense (1-2) at Maracana Stadium. The Portuguese coach’s side even went into the lead at the break, thanks to a superb goal from former Benfica Everton Cebolinha, but then lost everything in the second half. Another final he lost to Vitor Pereira.

A classic that started very tensely with the two rival neighbors giving up few places, playing with clenched teeth, in a game that was more physical than technical. Flamengo adapted better to the game and took the advantage in the 19th minute, through an individual move by Everton Cebolinha, who, after passing Samuel Javier on the left, broke into the area, dribbled past Nino and shot low. Flamengo started to win the derby and continued to dominate the game until the break.

Fluminense couldn’t do much better than Cano’s crosses and Flamengo even celebrated a second goal, scored by Gabigol, but this would end up being disallowed by VAR when Mateusz Franza called out for a foul on Andre.

The second half would be very different, mainly because Fluminense were back with Pirani and Lima in the team, facing a Flamengo side that immediately began to relax the pressure they had managed to apply in the first half. In the 53rd minute, after a quick counterattack, Arias highlighted Cano in the area and the Argentine equalized.

Vitor Pereira still tried to take back the reins of the match, firing Everton Ribeiro and Vidal, but the initiative continued to belong to Fluminense who in the 85th minute ended up reversing the result, with Pirani, highlighted in the area, signing the reversal .

The game was already heated from the start and ended with a lot of confusion on the field after Gerson hit Giovanni who was already lying on the grass. A series of shoving ensued, several yellow cards were given and Felipe Melo, who had just crossed, was sent off without even touching the ball. After a long stoppage, play resumed but Fluminense, reduced to ten men, held on to the advantage that allowed them to lift the trophy.

With this victory, Fluminense is already ahead in the event of two draws in the semi-finals of the Campeonato Carioca. Flamengo are in second place but could drop to third if Vasco da Gama beat Bangu this Thursday.

Here is the game summary:

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