Carris workers are going ahead with a partial strike in April

NoOn Wednesday, Carris announced an agreement with four unions, in which workers will get a 70-euro pay rise, but the Road and Urban Transport Workers Union of Portugal (STRUP), affiliated with the Transport and Communications Trade Union Federation (Fectrans ).

STRUP demanded a wage increase of €100, as well as a seven-hour working day and the resignation of station workers and, given the wage proposal submitted by the management of the Lisbon bus and tram operator, a union plenary meeting was held today to listen to the workers.

With about 200 workers gathered, “the workers decided to schedule a strike period for the first two hours and the last [no serviço de cada trabalhador] for a week,” explained Manuel Leal, from STRUP, to the Lusa agency, adding that the strike also extends to overtime.

The trade unionist indicated that the earlier notice would be served today and that the strike could be extended beyond the 11th.

“This plenary had a lot of workers who are not yet members but are following the demands,” said Manuel Leal, hoping to “mobilize” more workers, including the four unions that signed the agreement with Carris: the Transport Workers Union ( SITRA). ), the Carris Workers Union (ASPTC), the National Union of Drivers and Other Workers (SNMOT) and the Union of Service Sector Employees (SITESE).

“Before this whole process we tried a dialogue process with all the unions, which ended up signing the proposal,” he explained.

On the 100 euro salary increase, he added, after the most recent meeting, which took place in February, “the management did not respond”, but “undertook to continue negotiations on the remaining clauses of the company’s agreement”.

According to a statement from STRUP, “the €70 proposal put forward by management is insufficient and does not meet what employees want and deserve”, in addition to the fact that the wages do not reflect Carris’ “productivity gains” or the increase . in the cost of living..

Carris is responsible for surface urban public transport for passengers in the city of Lisbon, which, since 1 February 2017, is managed by Lisbon City Council.

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