Can you find three owls in this concentration test?

Perception and concentration tests tend to be complex for many people, after all, they require a high ability to decode hidden elements through shapes and colors.

These types of tests that are usually associated with images can be a headache for many people, but what few people know is that they are very effective in developing brain in the task of deciphering more complex problems such as characters, puzzles and tests involving logical reasoning.

But how can a picture test be effective in developing reading and reasoning skills? Simple tests of perception through some kind of visual illusion develop the ability to find hidden details, training your brain to unravel mysteries.

That way, the area of ​​the brain responsible for decoding what you see will be more alert to possible attempts to trick you.

Find the owls in the picture below

Tricks used in both logic and comprehension tests are to hide secrets through similar elements in the picture or text.

That is, when your brain tries to understand a motivation sent to it, if both are very similar and your brain is not used to it, it will be very difficult to find any difference.

However, the more time you spend looking at a particular image, the more your brain gets used to its details and the more you notice differences. So the test below aims to find the differences in the shortest time possible, with a limit to how long you can keep looking.

In this test you have to find three owls in less than 13 seconds, for this, use some instrument to measure your time, probably your mobile phone has some tool to help you. Do that, mark the 13 seconds and get started!

Source: Instagram/@thedudolf

For many, finding the owls in time can be a complicated task, after all, they are disguised in similar colors to the students in the picture, but, despite the difficulty, it is not impossible.

If you haven’t found the birds in the allotted time, reduce it and try again, keep doing it until you find them all. If you liked the test and want to do more of them, a quick search will find many similar tests.

If you didn’t succeed or decided to give up, no problem, below you can check the answer to the test.

Source: Instagram/@thedudolf

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