Bottled water is no safer than tap water. And it produces tons of plastic Water

The idea that “bottled water is safer than tap water needs to be questioned,” warns a United Nations (UN) report published on Thursday. This economic sector — one of the most dynamic in the world, growing faster than any other in the food industry — includes the annual sale of 350 billion liters of treated water, which produces 25 million tons of waste plastic items.

We were surprised by the number of studies showing contamination of bottled water, including biological, and mostly with bacteria. This was remarkable and breaks the image of “clean and healthy water”, for which consumers pay dearly. While these contaminations are usually isolated cases, this shows that it is actually the same trend as in tap water – where, when contamination does occur, it is also sporadic.“, says PÚBLICO Zeineb Bouhlel, co-author of the report and researcher at the Institute for Water, Environment and Health (INWEH), at the United Nations University, based in Canada.

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