“Blood Occult” Synopsis: Vanda threatens to end Teresa’s life

Pedro goes to Maria at the beach bar and tells her that he is with Benedita, but he would like them to remain friends. The young woman says she understands, but asking him to stay friends is the worst thing you can ask someone he likes. The paramedic is sad because he didn’t want to hurt her. Maria can’t hold back her tears and runs out to her brother’s studio.

Tiago goes to Maria in the studio and finds her crying, very sad. The bar owner tells her that one word is enough for her and breaks Pedro’s teeth, but Maria doesn’t think it’s necessary. She tells him that she knew he liked Benedita and that this would happen, but she thought she was more prepared.

Olavo is cooking and Vanda joins him, saying she hasn’t seen him this happy in the kitchen in a while. The diplomat tells her that things are on their way and she suggests that they have dinner with the triplets. Olavo tells her it’s a great idea and they’ll do just that, but it’s not with her, it’s with Teresa.

Lídia arrives home and shows Tojó the baby’s ultrasound. Elsa looks at the ultrasound and sees something strange, wondering if her mother’s doctor told her she was pregnant with twins. Lídia and Tojó are shocked.

Thiago asks his cousin again what is going on between him and Julia. Nelson again denies any involvement with the duo, but Thiago says that, since meeting him, he has only broken the law for her and no one else. The PC starts to get irritated with the conversation and when Tiago asks him what he would do if he could only save Julia or Barbara, the boy doesn’t answer and prefers to leave.

Barbara is in the locker room getting ready to go out when someone covers her mouth.

Mario goes to Vasyl with bad news: his mother has stopped giving him money, so he has no way to pay the mechanic. But for Vasyl this has never been a problem and he tells her that he pays her when she starts winning trials. Marios is very happy and promises not to disappoint him.

Olavo, Teresa, Julia, Carolina and Benedita had just had dinner at the Batista house. Carolina snaps at Julia for not helping her sisters set the table, but DJ apologizes, saying that when he came back from the bathroom they had already done everything. Teresa and Olavo are very happy to have them there at three. The diplomat proposes a toast, in which he praises the daughters and Teresa, much to her surprise.

Nelson wakes up worried because Barbara was supposed to sleep over at the house, but she didn’t show up or say anything. Silvia replies that everything should be fine and tells him to try calling again. PC calls and Dahlia answers on the other end, who explains that the girl left the cupboard open and all her things on the floor. Nelson thinks something strange has happened and asks the receptionist not to touch anything.

Vanda is at the table waiting for someone to come down. It’s Julia who comes downstairs and the doctor takes the opportunity to ask her how dinner went the night before. The duo admits that it didn’t go wrong. In the middle of the conversation, the villain realizes that her husband spent the night with Teresa and is furious.

Olavo and Teresa wake up in a romantic mood and he asks her to stay in bed longer. The two kiss, passionately. Quim enters the room and Teresa is very shy, saying that the diplomat is there because he forgot his cell phone.

Later, Vanda goes to the mini market to meet Teresa and says that she is sleeping with Olavo, who is married. The twins’ mother asks her if she’s stupid, and the villain tells her that if she tries to steal her husband and daughter, the truce is over and she’ll regret her breath.

*The episode summary is subject to change depending on the version of the telenovela

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