March 30, 2023

“Blonde”, Jared Leto and Tom Hanks win the worst Oscars. And the Razzies also deserved… a Razzie – Actualidade

“Blonde” was the worst film of 2022 for voters at the 43rd Golden Raspberry Awards, the organization confirmed in a statement sent to SAPO MAG.

After “Diana: The Musical,” it’s the second time in a row that Netflix has won the awards no one wants to receive popularly known as the Razzies, the “Oscars” of the worst, always given out on the eve of Hollywood’s biggest night.

The controversial “biography” that earned Ana de Armas a real-life Oscar nomination in the Best Actress category has been described as “misogynistic, misguided and fake” that “shamelessly exploits the memory of the late Marilyn Monroe,” but despite the fact that led with eight nominations, had stiff competition and only won one other award, for Worst Screenplay, written by director Andrew Dominik.

Oscar winner Jared Leto is back at the awards: a year after he was worst supporting actor for “Casa Gucci”, he was chosen as worst actor for “Morbius”, a film that also won in another important category, that of Worst Supporting Actress for Adria Arjona for her role as the protagonist’s personal assistant.


“data-title=””Blonde”, Jared Leto and Tom Hanks win worst Oscars. And the Razzies deserved too… a Razzie – SAPO Mag»>


Tom Hanks, another Golden statuette winner, won the first Razzies in a career that spanned more than 40 years: thanks to “Elvis”, he was voted worst supporting actor and worst combination (with “his face full of latex and ridiculous accent” ).

The actor, “who has spent his career expanding his acting talents to great success, overdid it with his version of Colonel Tom Parker in the otherwise excellent Elvis biopic,” says the organization, not forgetting that now he has two Razzies to win company “he deserved his pair of Oscars.”


“data-title=””Blonde”, Jared Leto and Tom Hanks win worst Oscars. And the Razzies deserved too… a Razzie – SAPO Mag»>


Also, for the first time in their 43-year history, the Razzies won a Razzie, in the category of Worst Female Performance.

On January 23, the Golden Raspberry Awards were embroiled in a heated controversy when they placed Ryan Kira Armstrong, 12, in the Worst Actress nominations for a new version of the film “Firestarter” (which was not commercially released in Portugal). , alongside Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World: Dominion), Diane Keaton (“Mack & Rita”), Kaya Scodelario (“The King’s Daughter”) and Alicia Silverstone (“The Requin”).

Accused of “insensitivity” and “cruelty” on social media by current and former child stars, film critics and fans, two days later came a public apology from the young actress, the cancellation of the nomination and the creation of a new rule that an actor cannot or director under 18 to be in the race again.

Now, we’ve learned that the Razzies put themselves in Ryan Kiera Armstrong’s shoes on the scorecard and “won by a landslide.”

Described as a “stupid and lifeless Disney remake”, the live-action version of Robert Zemeckis’ Pinocchio starring Tom Hanks was chosen as Worst Remake, Exploitation or Sequel.

Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun are up for Worst Achievement for the comedy ‘Good Mourning’.

There was a previously unannounced Redemption Award for a former contestant “who got his wings back and got out of Razzie hell,” which went to Colin Farrell “for his perfect work in ‘The Spirits of Inisherin’.” nominated in 2004 for worst actor for “Alexander”.

The other nominees for this special award were Mark Whalberg for “Father Stu” and Val Kilmer for “Val,” his Netflix documentary.

The spirits of Inisherin

“data-title=””Blonde”, Jared Leto and Tom Hanks win worst Oscars. And the Razzies deserved too… a Razzie – SAPO Mag»>

The spirits of Inisherin

Nominees and winners were selected by the organization’s more than 1,100 members in 49 US states and more than 20 foreign countries, including moviegoers, film critics and people associated with the American film industry.

The awards were first presented in 1981 in a Los Angeles movie theater, following an idea by industry veterans and University of California film students who chose the raspberry as a symbol of mockery: the trophy was rarely received by its “winners”. worth 4.97 dollars (about 4.56 euros, with the exchange rate of the day).


FULL AWARD LIST (highlighted)


“data-title=””Blonde”, Jared Leto and Tom Hanks win worst Oscars. And the Razzies deserved too… a Razzie – SAPO Mag»>


“Good morning”
“The King’s Daughter”

The RAZZIES (“Your Nomination Mistake for Worst Female Performance at the 43rd Annual”)
Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World: Dominion”)
Diane Keaton (“Mack & Rita”)
Kaya Scodelario (“The King’s Daughter”)
Alicia Silverstone (“The Requin”)

Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly (“Good Mourning”)
Pete Davidson (voice only) (“Marmaduke”)
Tom Hanks (“Pinocchio”)
Jared Leto (Morbius)
Sylvester Stallone (“Samaritan”)

Adria Arjona (“Morbius”)
Lorraine Bracco (voice only) (“Pinocchio”)
Penelope Cruz (“355”)
Bingbing Fan (“355” and “The King’s Daughter”)
Mira Sorvino (“Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend”)

Pete Davidson (Token Cameo) (“Good Mourning”)
Tom Hanks (“Elvis”)
Xavier Samuel (“Blonde”)
Mod Sun (“Good Mourning”)
Evan Williams (“Blonde”)

Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun (“Good Mourning”)
Both real characters in the deceptive White House bedroom scene (“Blonde”)
Tom Hanks and his latex face (and ridiculous accent) (“Elvis”)
Andrew Dominik and his problems with women (“Blonde”)
The two sequels to “365 Days” (both released in 2022)

Both sequels to ‘365 Days’.
“Jurassic World: Dominion”

Judd Apatow (“The Bubble”
Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun (“Good Mourning”)
Andrew Dominick (“Blonde”)
Daniel Espinosa (“Morbius”)
Robert Zemeckis (“Pinocchio”)

“Good morning”
“Jurassic World: Dominion”

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