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The BH exhibition promotes autonomy and offers many options for obese people (photo: Thais Stany/Disclosure)

On February 4 and 5 (Saturday and Sunday), Belo Horizonte will host the 16th edition of “BH + Estilo Plus”, considered the largest plus size fashion exhibition in Minas Gerais and one of the largest in the country. The event will feature producers from MG and other states, conversation circles and artistic attractions sponsored by BELOTUR (Empresa Municipal de Turismo de Belo Horizonte) and PBH (Belo Horizonte City Hall), in addition to a social action in collaboration with Casa Women’s Reference Tina Martins. Entry is free with electronic withdrawal from Sympla.

The theme of the edition is “carnival” and will have many options in clothing and props for the occasion. In addition to launches, beachwear, gender, women’s, men’s, casual, couture, print, underwear, shoes and accessories, the expo will also feature thrift stores, musical attractions from Funeral Block and singer Amandona, conversation circles and tattoo artist Carol Vittër, specialist in women’s art.

Part of one of the fastest growing markets in the world – in Brazil, it moved around R$ 7 billion between 2018 and 2019, in addition to the expectation of growth of at least 10% per year according to the Brazilian Clothing Association (Abravest ) -, “BH Estilo Plus” he hopes that, in the two days of the event, he will receive an audience of 2 to 3 thousand people. In all editions together, the exhibition received about 8 thousand 60 exhibitors from the states of South East, North East and South.

Plus size fashion and self-esteem

A survey carried out by Vigitel revealed that approximately 57.25% of the Brazilian population was overweight in 2021 and that, in the same year, the obesity rate in the country was 22.35%. These groups, affected by lipophobia and social prejudice, end up looking for ways to live with dignity and have been able to find, with fashion and clothing appropriate to their biotypes, a way of physical and social empowerment, as well as group identity, safety and the sense of belonging..

For Sandra Costa, owner of the Tiçámpê store and creator and director of the BH+ Estilo Plus Exhibition, the need to create an event like this one in Belo Horizonte came from an experience she lived in São Paulo. “Before I even owned a brand, as a consumer, being involved in something like this was a hugely liberating experience for me. Shop with my peers! And I thought: why not do something like that here in Belo Horizonte?” he says. “Our event promotes autonomy, choices so that people can wear what they want, for all tastes and preferences,” adds Kostas.

The fashion market, according to Fair co-producer Lila Hott, is too focused on producing for thin people and ends up ignoring other body types. “Most stores, big department stores, only make clothes for mannequins up to a size 56, when they should go up to a 66,” she explains, noting that this is a scenario that BH+ Estilo Plus aims to change.

“The fair experience is fully inclusive of fat people. You enter the gym and you can try different pieces, in different colors and models. Clothes made specifically for this body type, by people who understand what this market is and what we need. It’s different from the experience of walking into a department store fitting room and trying on the few pieces they have available for people like us. At the fair we buy what we want, not what works for us,” Hot adds.

Changes in fashion

According to entrepreneur Amanda Momente, an expert in usability and plus size product development, fashion for fat people is generally not very accessible and based on prejudice. “For some reason, they thought fat people didn’t want to consume fashion, that they wanted to hide their bodies. But they’re wrong,” explains herself, who created the WonderSize brand.

“It was suffocating wearing only dark clothes. Fat was stigmatized as ugly, something to hide. Fashion is associated with self-esteem. What people need to understand is that it doesn’t matter how someone got to that weight,” he adds, pointing out that the industry’s unpreparedness also comes from universities.

“There is an intellectual deficit. In college, they don’t teach how to make clothes for fat people because they, the professors, don’t know either, so in industry, they don’t know how to do it, so they copy or adapt the pattern. Part of the industry wants to understand the market, but is not investing in developing an adequate product,” says Momente.

Lila Hott claims that the fashion market has improved in recent years, but that there is still much to develop. “Since 2015, this market has started to be embraced by other brands. Today, we can go for example to the mall and find some pieces. It wasn’t possible before! We see that things are changing, but still in small steps. There is a long way to go for plus size in a market as gigantic and profitable as fashion,” she explains.

Action with Casa Tina Martins

In addition to selling clothing, accessories and artistic programming, BH Estilo Plus will also promote a social action in favor of the Casa de Referência Tina Martins, the first women’s employment in Latin America, by the Olga Benário Movement.

During the two days of the event, used clothes in good condition and cleanliness will be collected for distribution to women in situations of social risk and violence.


02/04, Saturday

11 am: Lie Cinderella Breho

3pm: Conversation round on “Plus size fashion in BH – opportunities for business tourism” with tourism Saulo Lisboa, fashion consultant Anelise Hott and model Carol Bresolini

16:00: Display of funeral blocks

05/02, Sunday

2 pm: Behavioral Nutrition for a Healthy Life Conversation Series with Nutritionist Julia Romano, Blogger Layla Brígido, Exhibition Director Sandra Costa and Model Carol Bresolini

3pm: they show amadona


BH+Estilo Plus – Carnival Edition

Date: 4 and 5 February 2023

Year: from 11 am to 7 pm

Position: Minascentro (entrance at Rua dos Guajajaras, 1022 –


Tickets: free withdrawal from Sympla

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