March 28, 2023

Bella Hadid is so ‘last season’! The new fashion star is a robot dog

The first idea that comes to my mind is: McQueen did it first! It’s impossible to see Coperni’s show and not associate it with Alexander McQueen’s legendary spring/summer 1999 show, when model Shalom Harlow closed it in a white dress hand-painted at the time robot which projected ink in rotary motions. Legendary and unforgettable.

Times are different, technology is different and the truth is that Coperni creates a WOW moment again at Paris Fashion Week by opening the show with dogs robot on stage, by the American company Boston Dynamics. The “spots” roamed the set as the models, including Kate Moss’ daughter Lila, walked dressed as vulnerable creatures of flesh and blood. You robot they even interacted. With one hand they helped take a coat off a model’s shoulders and with the other they ended up picking up a suitcase. If there was any doubt, this presentation made Coperni’s passion for technology clear.

The strange thing is that the inspiration for the presentation of the autumn/winter 23’24 collection comes from the legend O The Wolf and the Lamb, by Jean de la Fontaine. Now, this modern fable, according to the brand, aims to show “that there is neither ruler nor ruled, but that humanity and machine can live in harmony.” And, in this modern version, the mannequins played the role of the lambs, while the wolves were replaced by the five dogs robot.

For all the spectacle (this is Fashion Week, too), there are some critical voices who say the concept distracts from the collection itself, but the aesthetic is impossible. techno chic de Coperni go unnoticed in Paris. From a coat in the shape of a blanket. to love her swipe It was made from a meteorite that fell in southern France 55,000 years ago. the origami shapes on bags and shoes that explore the concept of nature and flowers in a way techno; the pieces that are an interpretation of the concept between damaged and adequate, like someone escaping from nature. And there are fabrics that, when exposed to light, reflect brightness, as if transporting you to a dream world. There are daytime rubber boots that have been redesigned for the wild lifestyle.

With Coperni, we see the art of tailoring, but with materials and lines that the brand mixes and lives between the young, the classic and the techno chic. In this collection, Coperni not only reinterprets history, but also brings it into the year 2023 with a positive vision for the future.

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