BBB 23 welcomes Dania Mendez. you know the time and what it will be like

Dania Mendez arrives at BBB 23 this Wednesday (15), at 3:05 p.m. – Photo: Reproduction/Telemundo

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Posted on 15/03/2023 at 13:15,
updated 3/15/2023 at 1:37:35 PM

La Casa de los Famosos contestant Dania Mendez from Mexico arrives at BBB 23 this Wednesday (15) at 3:05pm Brasilia time. The entry of the model and digital influencer in Globo’s reality show will be broadcast live on open TV and on Globoplay, exclusively for subscribers of the streaming platform.

As a guest deserves all the benefits, with the guest it will be no different. The temporary sister will be a member of the VIP group and, like the other inmate, will have the opportunity to communicate with the Brazilian public through X-ray and post the best files on the BBB Network feed.

In addition, he will have one more secret mission related to the Joker Power, which will be instrumental in the next formation of the wall. Despite the quick participation in BBB 23, he continues in the Mexican reality competition and will return there in a few days.

Key Alves, eliminated from BBB 23 last week, will also spend a few days at La Casa de los Famosos. You can watch the daily highlights of the volleyball player in daily compilations that appear in this week’s programs.


Who is Dania Mendez, Mexican Participant in BBB 23?

Dania Mendez is 31 years old and has more than 7 million followers on her social media accounts. She was born in the state of Jalisco, but has lived most of her life in Hidalgo. Today, he lives with his mother in Mexico City. She enjoys physical activities, dancing and singing and considers herself competitive, explosive and spontaneous, but also very compassionate.

With more than 7 million followers, Dania Mendez is best known for her participation in another reality show, MTV’s Acapulco Shore, in which she starred in several shacks. He doesn’t shy away from a fight and, at one point on the show, ended up throwing a bottle of water at another contestant, which went viral on social media. In La Casa de Los Famosos, the model lives a romance with actor Arturo Carmona.

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