Bárbara Branco and the relationship with Francisco Froes: “We got along very well right away”

Barbara Branco lives her first lead in SIC in the telenovela timeless flower, which premiered this Monday, January 30. In the plot, the actress gives life to Catarina, a determined young woman in search of her missing mother who ends up living a great love life alongside Vasco, a character she plays Francisco Frusz.

Speaking to reporters on the opening night, the artist assumed that she was focused on this new project and revealed what is most difficult for her. “I think the difficulty with this character is to keep saving that sunny, fresh, free and happy side”began by referring to

“For me, Bárbara, it becomes more difficult to manage the fatigue, there are long hours of recording, long hours in the studio […] But I’m super motivated, super focused, and I’m lucky to be very well surrounded when I set foot in the studio.. It is an excellent cast that withstands hours of fatigue and gives a lightness and joy when it comes to work.he emphasized.


Bárbara Branco also highlighted the good rapport with Francisco Froes and promises a couple that will fascinate the viewers. It was really nice because we did really well at the beginning, we bonded really well. We also bring that simple and genuine side to the characters. I really think people are going to like this couple and connect with them because they have a similar energy, in the sense that they find a refuge in each other.”he explained.

Bárbara Branco with Albano Jerónimo and Maria João Bastos (Rui Valido)

In timeless flowerthe actress is also working alongside her for the first time Albano Jeronimo, bringing his fictional father to life and he couldn’t be happier. “It’s lucky. It has a very strange way of working, it is very light. In our family core, we stay very much on that side of it, very playful, very light, very childish, sometimes, and so it’s been a huge joy.”he said.

The young woman highlighted the rest of the luxury cast, which includes names such as Joanna Santos, Joseph Wallenstein, Alexandra Ledastre and Rita Blanco. “To work sometimes 12 hours a day and during those 12 hours to learn from someone who has actually been doing this for many years and doing it very well, is luck and a privilege. That’s how I ended up with the perfect project”underlined.

Finally, the actress also talked about the challenge of giving voice to the theme song of the plot, a song heard for the first time in his voice Paulo de Carvalhoat the Festival da Canção, in 1971. “The secret to it going well was having the person I trust with these things, which is FF, accompany me. I immediately asked them to bring me FF so we could work on the music together. At the moment, he’s an incredible singer and then he has musical knowledge, which I don’t have.”he explained.


I sing by intuition, I don’t even know what I’m doing when I sing and so I needed someone to give me that side of knowing things and also help me change the music because there’s no point in imitating Paulo de Carvalho’s version. It makes sense to honor her, but it would make no sense to imitate her. FF also helped me give it a personal touch.” came to the conclusion.

It should be noted that apart from timeless flowerBárbara Branco is also touring the country with the play of blurringnext to Miguel Sabra and Nuno Nunes.

(Rui Valido)

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