Artificial intelligence misses orders at McDonald’s and causes controversy online

Commercial establishments are constantly charged by customers for a good service. This is because, when it comes to a trade, the way customers are served says a lot about the future of the business, because when it’s good, it wins customers.

Now, if for local businesses this is already one of the key success factors, imagine when we refer to a multinational. This is the case of one of the largest companies in the food industry that we know: we refer to McDonald’s.

The multinational’s latest customer service experiences have not been seen well since they started using artificial intelligence as a way to help or make the way they serve customers more practical.

The mistakes made by the bot ensured a number of funny and comical testimonials on TikTok. But that doesn’t mean the customers let the situation go and were satisfied with what happened.

McDonalds against All included

Ren Adams was one of the customers who put his experience with McDonald’s artificial intelligence on TikTok. His social media username is “resinsbiren” and he revealed that during self-service at the drive-thru there was a misunderstanding about his order.

Adams wanted crisps, sweet tea and a coke, but the robot didn’t understand the order and put the wrong items. He even tried to help the AI, but failed. Eventually, the AI ​​replaced the Coke with nine sweet teas instead of one, which was the requested amount.


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Caitlyn Sykora placed an order for AI and received $254 worth of McNuggets. In the video, Caitlyn shows how frustrated she is, in a funny and funny way, that she is given so many Chicken McNuggets.


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Another victim of the lost little robot was Madilynn Cameron, who ordered a large glass of water and an ice cream, but had added butter to her order. No relation, right?


How I came up with a butter #fyp

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Finally, these events were enough to start circulating some comments online saying that humans should not be replaced by robots.

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