Are you a MEO or NOS customer? The tariff is more expensive than today

smalland you are a MEO or NOS customer, get ready for a price hike from this Wednesday as the price update of the two telcos comes into effect come February.

MEO prices are getting more expensive…

Altice Portugal was the first company to announce the price update from February, with the Excluded from this increase are fixed voice only customers and retirees with a retirement plan, executive president Ana Figueiredo told Lusa in October. According to the company, the world of customers who have only fixed voice and a pension plan is 100,000.

… and the NOS ones too

NOS announced a price update similar to Meo’s, also based on the consumer price index (7.8%), which takes effect on February 1.

Vodafone’s bill does not escape and increases in March as well

Vodafone Portugal announced to customers that it will increase the price of telecommunications services “from March 1, with maximum increase 7.8%As the telecommunications provider said, the “update was calculated based on the inflation rate, based on the Consumer Price Index for the year 2022 and is published annually by the INE”.

In case that Nowthis “is in a very special situation, as it awaits the final decision of the Competition Authority on the process of the acquisition of this operator by Vodafone”, recalls DECO Proteste, with the operator has already announced that it will maintain the prices.

The increase in the telecommunications bill “must be clear”, DECO defends

The main telecom providers have already announced that prices will increase in the coming weeks, but these increases must be clear and their communication “must be assured to the consumer 30 days in advance”, even if the increase is included in the contractdefends DECO Proteste.

“The beginning of the year usually brings increases in telecommunications tariffs, even for those who are loyal. This practice is not illegal, but it must be clearly communicated to customers. Anacom must protect consumers better,” says DECO, in note published. on her website.

Also related, a press conference is scheduled for this Wednesday by the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) regarding the price increases for electronic communications services announced for this year.

What to do?

DECO Proteste advises consumers to control if they belong to the “cases provided for in the new Electronic Communications Law (ECL), before which consumers cannot be charged early termination costs”, consulting the contract “to determine whether or not there is a noticeability clause of annual prices based on the rate of inflation (for example, based on the consumer price index) and the operator’s legal obligation to notify price increases in advance only applies if this does not exist’.

In addition, “Checkoutalso, all changes made by the carrier after the original contract,” and “in some cases, operators sent contract additions with this clause,” he says.

When an operator proposes “a price change above that specified in the contract, communication with the operator to make a cancellation without cost should be in writing”, so “Application to the operator their proof of communication, in case they cannot find this information,” he adds.

In addition, “use the online platform for termination of telecommunications contracts if you intend to terminate the contract before the end of the fidelity period”, but remember that you will have to bear the costs of termination, he points out.

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