March 30, 2023

Araraquara says goodbye to sociologist Dulce Whitaker

Researcher and social scientist was a national reference and adopted Araraquara as homeland

In: Amanda Rocha

Dulce Whitaker is a reference in rural sociology in Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

One of the most important researchers and sociologists in the country, Dulce Whittaker, died last Saturday (28), in Aracuara.

The social scientist was 88 years old and in poor health.

Born in Curitiba, Dulce fell in love with Araraquara when she entered the University of São Paulo State (Unesp), Araraquara campus, and became a professor of sociology in the 1970s.

In 2014 she won the title of Araraquara citizen. Even after her retirement, she continued to be active in research and postgraduate studies at Unesp and Uniara.


The love of Araraquara and the wisdom of Dulce Whitaker

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She was a doctor at the University of São Paulo, researcher and social scientist with great relevance in the field of sociology.

Mayor Edinho Silva (PT) was her student and regretted the intellectual’s departure.

“Dulce Withaker leaves us, a huge void appears, a page becomes eternal in the history of science and education. Dulce was a great reference in the field of sociology, not only in Araraquara, but also in Brazil. A great supporter of education in human development, she was and always will be fundamental in the process of education of many generations that passed through her classes, writings and academic orientations,” the mayor commented on a social network.

Much admiration and love, several friends and politicians mourned Whitaker’s passing on social media.

The researcher pioneered studies on agrarian reform settlements in the State of São Paulo and coordinated the Nucleus of Rural Research and Documentation (NUPEDOR).

A living encyclopedia, full of ideas and a passion for knowledge, she focused on Araraquara and the entire region through the Memória Viva project in the 90s, among countless researches throughout her life.

One of his declarations of love for Moranda do Sol can be found in the book “Araraquara – Untold Stories”.

In addition to being one of the biggest references in Brazil in the field of rural sociology and with a huge academic bibliography, Dulce Whitaker was a great scholar on the situation of women, with many books and publications on relationships and gender (“Mulher – Homem : Mito da Inequality”).

Last year she released her first novel, Nuvens da Desesperança, which deals with female protagonists, childhood, fantastical realism and rurality.

He leaves behind daughters, grandchildren and friends.

The wake will be this Sunday at Memorial Fonteri, from 1pm to 5pm. The body will be cremated.


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