AMD URGame gaming platform arrives in Brazil

With the intention of bringing gamers together in one place, AMD has launched the URGame platform in Brazil and all Latin American and Caribbean countries. By registering on the official website, you will have access to many new products of the brand and you will be able to participate in gyms and championships worth prizes that are part of the company’s catalog.


Players came together to launch Strong and get involved in esports

According to the official announcement, they want to open thousands of possibilities to their audience by taking the space into the air. There you can unlock achievements, recommend podcasts or games to your friends, participate in chats and watch official eSports competitions to receive points and exchange them for gifts that will be offered. So far, there is none available, but the promise is that content will be released soon.

By signing up, you get 400 points immediately. However, it is worth noting that the offer lasts for a limited time. There are two achievements that are achieved, the first for being one of the first to register and the other for being interested in exploring in the first months of life. The general table is at this link, allowing you to study what you can achieve until the prizes appear.

A connection between AMD and its audience

According to the director of marketing at AMD Brasil, Daniele Nunes, the intention is to get even closer to the players. “URGame is a space designed with gamers in mind. We are very happy with this announcement because we really want to grow together, stay connected and that the community is the player two that we need so much.”

On the platform they also intend to spread news and innovations as well as information about the brand’s upcoming launches and open a channel where the public can interact with all of them dynamically. Their three pillars are “permanence, interaction and loyalty”, with you being rewarded according to how much you participate in the project.

URGame is available in Portuguese and Spanish, making it easy for the public to access and showing that you will have easy access to all the data available there. Questionnaires are also available, for more information such as what leagues he follows, what he usually plays, and even intentions, such as whether he is there as an AMD partner or wants to become a professional player in a certain scenario.


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Via: AMD

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