March 30, 2023

All indications are that Harry and Meghan will be present at the coronation

All indications are that Harry and Meghan will be present at the coronation
All indications are that Harry and Meghan will be present at the coronation of Charles III on May 6 in London
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were officially invited to the coronation of King Charles III of England. The ceremony will take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London. Despite the serious family conflicts that exist, Charles III He wants his youngest son and daughter-in-law to be present on this very special day for him and the entire royal family, and all indications are that Harry and Meghan will be present at the coronation.

However, there is still doubt in the air whether the Dukes of Sussex will be present at the ceremony. obsess is Megan they have not yet responded to the invitation, but everything indicates that it will be positive. And according to several sources close to the couple, the team tasked with organizing the historic event was instructed to include the Dukes of Sussex.

According to the international press, Harry and Meghan first want to talk to the royal family in order to reach a compromise, mainly because the historic date is especially special for the Dukes of Sussex, who are celebrating their youngest’s 4th birthday. old son. “Archie’s birthday is May 6, his coronation day, and the Sussexes want the family to recognize that,” a source told the magazine. ‘OKAY!‘. “The Sussexes asked for some sort of celebration or for the date to be marked so that their son’s fourth birthday would not be lost on such a monumental day.”

In addition to this demand, after it was made public that Harry and Meghan had been evicted from the home that the late Queen Elizabeth II had been granted Windsor, the Dukes of Sussex asked to stay at Frogmore with the Princess kindness. “They want the children to be with other family members, especially cousin August, who is about the same age as Lillibet. The couples get along very well and want their children to be close.”the same source explained,

One of the couple’s biggest concerns is ensuring their safety, as well as that of their children, and they still want to be present when the royal family steps onto the Buckingham Palace balcony. Apart from these negotiations between the Dukes of Sussex and the Windsors, it is still important to discuss other matters such as the dress code and where they will be seated.

Despite all the demands, the fact that officials are looking forward to the presence of the Dukes is a strong sign that they will not be present at the event. “Harry and Meghan are involved in all the planning… the cars, the seats, the dinner, everything.” a source said in statements to the Daily Mail. However, a palace source also explained to the publication that it is “always easier to make plans which may then have to be scrapped than to make no plans at all and then suddenly have to implement them later”.

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