March 29, 2023

Actress Andrea Riseborough may miss out on an Oscar nomination. All because of a post on Instagram – Observer

The Academy decided to open an investigation process for the campaign around the actress Andrea RiseboroughOscar nominee for Best Actress, which could lead her removal from the statuette racepromote enough average North Americans.

Officially, the body would only confirm that “a review of the campaign processes of this year’s candidates” is underway, without specifying whether the investigation directly relates to Riseborough. However, the North American press seems to have no doubts, considering all the controversy surrounding this nomination.

Riseborough was nominated for her role in ‘To Leslie’, a independent film that made a few thousand euros at the box office, in which the actress plays a single mother who wins the lottery but ends up bankrupt due to her alcoholism problems.

Her performance was immediately criticized by some members of Hollywood, who felt that the nomination could have gone to a black actress such as Viola Davis (for her role in “The Woman King”) or Danielle Deadwyler (“Till”). . “Till” director Chinonye Chukwu publicly lamented the nominations.


We live in a world and work in industries that are so aggressively committed to maintaining whiteness and perpetuating shameless misogyny about black women,” the director wrote, without directly referring to Riseborough.

The “industry” criticism, however, was interpreted as a reference to Riseborough’s appointment. And this is because the actress has been praised by her colleagues, having been nominated supported by 1,300 acting industry members who make up the Academy, the Times explains. Publicly, a number of stars including Edward Norton, Susan Sarandon and Gwyneth Paltrow have supported Riseborough’s candidacy. The New York Times even says that Kate Winslet held a screening session for the film.

The campaign around Riseborough is under investigation not because of the public support of many Hollywood stars – which is not against the rules – but because of a Position from Instagram. According to the Times, the problem will be in a publication made on behalf of the film “To Leslie” which highlighted a sentence by film critic Richard Roeper, which says “As much as I admire his work [Cate] Blanchett in ‘Tár’, my favorite female performance this year is the chameleon Andrea Riseborough.” Now, Academy rules prohibit the promotion of candidates at the expense of peer criticism – and Cate Blanchett is also nominated for a Best Actress Oscar.

There has never been a retreat from an Oscar nomination for Best Actor or Best Actress. However, there is precedent in other categories. The New York Times recalls that a nominee for Best Song in 2014 and a nominee for Best Sound Mixing in 2017 were removed because they had direct contact with Academy members to make room around your projects.

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