17-year-old autistic student passed computer science in Ceará: “I want to complete my knowledge” | Education

Nicolas Gabriel has already started studying at IFCE in Marakanaou — Photo: Personal Archive

Student Nícolas Gabriel Santana Silva, 17, was accepted into the computer science course at the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará (IFCE). At the age of six he was diagnosed with autism, a condition that posed some challenges for him during school.

Choosing a computer science course is a way to continue studying an area that has interested students since childhood: technology. The young man completed his basic education at the State Vocational Education School (EEEP) Salaberga Torquato Gomes de Matos, in Maranguape.

“I chose the IT course because of the technical IT course, which I already really liked and I want to complete my knowledge,” says the student.

Nicolas is closely watched by his mother, housewife Marinalva Silva, who insisted on keeping her son in school even when there was no incentive.

“When someone said I should take him out of school, he said he would study hard to show everyone that the autistic person was capable. I always told him that school was the place for good people and that he was the best of all. So to this day, whenever he struggles, he tells himself he can do it,” she says.

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The young man’s effort to continue his studies even when he suffered from a crisis impressed both his family and the teachers of the school where he studied in Maranguape. His mother even lent him her cell phone so he could study and do research.

“He was always at school making an effort, even when he had a crisis in class, he would go out to talk to the coordinator and then he insisted and insisted on staying at school. Even on weekends he didn’t stop studying.” reveals his mother.


Nícolas is 17 years old and passionate about computers — Photo: Personal Archive

According to the student’s mother, the first days of school were enough to make Nikolas happy with what he started to learn with the teachers in the classroom. The young man states that he wants to contribute to the expansion of technology through studies.

“I want to expand my knowledge in the field of IT, going through robotics, manufacturing computers, electronic devices, cars, in short, I want to make the field of IT expand even more,” he says.

As for graduation, in addition to being able to handle the subjects, making the most of the learning, the young man intends to get an internship vacancy soon to help with the student expenses he will have throughout the course.

“I hope to adapt and learn all the courses, which are about five, and also by the middle of the year to do an internship in the area to have an income that will even help with my commute to and from IFCE as it’s almost R$10 a day just to go there and back,” Nícolas says

The principal of the school where the young man attended, Janaína Belo, is also celebrating Nícolas’ approval.

“This is proof that the special emphasis on inclusive education, which promotes equality, is worthwhile. The availability and willingness of the mother was fundamental for the whole process to flow. She was an excellent partner of the school, always coming, helping us to overcome challenges together, understanding that she could help everyone in the school to understand her son’s condition,” says the principal.

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